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We aim to Educate Residents and Businesses about Keeping Pets Safe when Repairs are being done at Home.

Our Founding

Oakley’s Oath was founded after Julie and Maury Kessler’s family lost one of their beloved dogs, Oakley, to an accidental drowning in 2021.

The Kessler family was having work done on their roof, and the
contractor had placed a lightweight, clear plastic tarp over the pool, and when Oakley went into the backyard, he fell through the plastic and drowned. Unfortunately, the Kessler family was unable to save Oakley in time.

While the Kessler family cannot bring their dog back, Julie has made it her mission to take their experience and turn it into a safety
initiative for other homeowners with pets and small children. “We are really are just aiming to educate residents and any service
provider that come into your home about keeping children and pets safe when work is being done in and around the home.” said Julie.

A Safer Home

Small children and pets are the most susceptible to preventable accidents when work is taking place in the home. Contractors, sometimes unknowingly, disrupt the normal routine of the house, and introduce new elements that may distract or grab the attention of a pet or child. Although homeowners typically ask basic questions of their contractors, like when the project would be done and how much it would cost, there should be more details on the safety of the family.

It is Julie’s goal to spread the mission of Oakley’s Oath, and have
residents and contractors everywhere be more aware of the changes and risks that are brought to a home when work is being done, especially with small children and pets in the home.

Oakley’s Oath strives to protect children and pets from
avoidable accidents by providing contractors and residents
with common sense guidelines that keep everyone safe.

Meet The Founder

Julie Kessler, an Arizona native and a University of Arizona alum, is a
passionate mother to two daughters, and an advocate for child and animal safety and welfare. Julie and her family have always been
dog lovers, having three Shih Tzu of their own, Oakley, Spex and
Panda. However, it wasn’t until after Oakley’s unfortunate and
preventable passing that Julie turned her passion into

Although Julie isn’t able to bring back her beloved dog, she has turned her loss into activism, by founding Oakley’s Oath. This
nonprofit aims to protect children and pets from avoidable accidents by providing contractors and homeowners with common sense guidelines that help keep everyone safe.


Customer Stories

Oakley’s Oath Mission & Vision


The mission of Oakley’s Oath is to educate families and contracted home service providers about proactive communication and easily implemented guidelines that promote
empowered awareness for keeping children and pets safe.


We want to create a World where residents and service providers are empowered with the
knowledge and resources necessary to ensure the safety of children and pets while work
is being done in and around the home.

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Becoming an Oakley’s Oath partner means keeping children and pets safe by providing contractors and
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