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Our Mission

Through education and advocacy, we empower pet owners to create a secure environment for their pets, promoting their well-being and enriching their lives.

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Our Mission

Oakley’s Oath strives to protect children and pets from preventable accidents by providing contractors and homeowners with common sense guidelines that help keep everyone safe.

Our Vision

At Oakley’s Oath, we want to create a world where home owners and contractors are empowered with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure the safety of children and pets during reconstruction.

What we believe in

Our Values

Our Oath

Oakley's Oath is committed to promoting safety and awareness during construction and home renovation projects, ensuring that every property remains a secure and protected environment for its residents and guests.


We believe that knowledge is the key to preventing accidents at home, and through our educational initiatives, we empower homeowners and contract workers with the information to ensure safety during construction projects.

Protecting Children and Pets

At Oakley's Oath, we prioritize the safety of our most vulnerable family members, advocating for proper measures and protocols that safeguard children and pets during construction, creating environments where they can thrive without risk.

Non-Profit Donation

Oakley's Oath accepts donations that further their mission of protecting families during construction projects.


Oakley's Oath collaborates with like-minded organizations and professionals to create a unified effort towards safety standards.

Fun Fact

Oakley, the namesake of Oakley's Oath, comes from Oakley sunglasses as Maury Kessler is an optometrist by trade.

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